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Laser Etched Bamboo Items

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2500x1250x3mm Multiply Bamboo Veneer Panels for Laser Etched Items 

2500x1250x3mm multiply bamboo veneer panel is made by laminating 5 layers of 0.6mm thick bamboo veneer in crossed structure,  cross ply panels always come in odd number of layers , for even strength from outer layers to the center, to achieve maximum stability.

this multiply bamboo veneer panel is very rigid and stable, can be laser etched or CNC cut into small items of arts and crafts. just input a vector file and then let the laser or CNC machine do the job.

laser etched bamboo crafts

Laser Etched Bamboo Biscuits

laser etched bamboo itemsLaser Etched Bamboo Badges

laser etched bamboo ruler

Lser etched bamboo ruler

laser etched bamboo ruler

Bamboo ruler laser cut

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