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Bamboo Skateboard Veneer

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Bamboo Veneer For Longboards and Skateboards

do you know that most longboards for pros are made by using 100% bamboo? they choose to ride bamboo in competitions. but why? the reason is simple, bamboo helps them to win. bamboo veneer is an ideal material for longboards, due to its super flex and hardness, bamboo longboards are high performance longboards.

bamboo taper core for longboards

Bamboo Taper Core for Longboard Decks

vertical laminated bamboo ply for longboards

Vertical Laminated Bamboo Ply for Longboards

thin bamboo veneer for longboardsThin Bamboo Veneer for Longboards and Skateboards

standard bamboo veneer for skateboards and longboards come in the following sizes,

length: ranging from 1020mm to 1320mm

width:   rangeing from 260mm to 270mm

thickness: 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,7mm, 8mm, 9mm.

color options: carbonized, natural, or in a stringer style

grain options: vertical, horizontal is possible, but very rare.

bamboo longboard veneer

2mm Carbonized Bamboo Longboard Veneer

vertical laminated bamboo longboard veneer

5mm Natural Color Bamboo Longboard Veneer

1 16 inch bamboo longboard veneer

1/16" Natural Color Bamboo Lonboard Veneer

bamboo veneer is also available in stringer sytles as below,

bamboo veneer stringer style

Stinger Style Bamboo Veneer for Skateboard Veneer

bamboo stringers for longboard

Bamboo Stringers for Longboard Decks

stringer style bamboo veneer

Bamboo Longboard Veneer in Stringer Style

1/16" bamboo and 1/40" bamboo veneer, in most cases, are used as top surface if a client wishes to build a deck by using bamboo and maple in cross ply structure.

braided bamboo veneer

0.6mm Braided Bamboo Veneer for Longboards

caramel vertical bamboo veneer for longboards

0.6mm Bamboo Veneer for Longboards

caramel horizontal bamboo ply for longboards

2mm Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo Ply for Longboards

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