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  • The Versatility and Appeal of Furniture Grade Bamboo Panels
    The Versatility and Appeal of Furniture Grade Bamboo Panels Introduction:Bamboo plywood, also known as bamboo ply or bamboo furniture board, has gained immense popularity in the world of interior design and furniture manufacturing. With its eco-friendly properties, durability, and unique aesthetic a
  • How End Grain Bamboo Panel is Made
    How End Grain Bamboo Panel is Produced
  • Why Bamboo Panels Are Not Cheap?
    Introduction to Bamboo Bamboo is a versatile and sustainable material that has gained popularity in various industries, including construction and interior design. Bamboo is a gift from Mother Nature, it grows naturally on bamboo mountains. it doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticide, not to mention
  • Bamboo Flooring Installation Guidelines
    The installation of strand woven bamboo flooring is just like the way we install traditional tongue and groove hardwood flooring. Experienced professional installers of hardwood flooring will find themselves right at home installing strand woven bamboo flooring.PRELIMINARY R
  • Half Round Bamboo Poles For Wall Covering
    Bamboo Slats and Poles For Exterior Wall Coveringtreated bamboo poles, either dried yellow or carbonized to a dark color, can be used for exterior wall covering. bamboo gives an incredibly natural beauty, it is an ideal decoration material for cafe, restaurants, resort, liabray etc. it gives you a f
  • Bamboo Poles Dried Yellow For Interior Decoration
    Bamboo Poles Dried Yellow for Interior Decorationdo you know how to dry bamboo poles and make them yellow looking? so that they can be more weather resistant and better looking. not all bamboo poles are perfectly straight, then how to make them straight? so that they can be used for exterior wall co
  • Bamboo Craft Items
    bamboo can be made into various items for daily use, depending on what your ideas are. some ideas are far beyond your imagination.bamboo bottlebamboo calculatorbamboo photo mountsbamboo speaker
  • Bamboo Moldings, Bamboo Accessories,Bamboo Profiles
    Bamboo Moldings, also called bamboo accessories, bamboo profiles, to be installed together with bamboo flooring. professional installer knows what kind of moldings to be used.basis bamboo moldings include the following,bamboo skirting, also called bamboo baseboards, to be glued or nailed onto the wa
  • How to Tell the Age of Bamboo?
    Do you know that the word bamboo refers to different types of bamboo under different circumstances. the reason is there are many kinds of bamboo in the world. there are more than 1,2000 species of bamboo in the world. 37 genera grows in Asia, 10 genera in Africa, 6 genera in Atlantic, and a few ge
  • Vertically Laminated Paulownia Core for Skis,Surfboards, Kiteboards, and Wakeboards
    Vertically Laminated Paulownia Wood Core for Skis, Surfboards, kiteboards and wakeboardsPaulownia is light in weight and pale blonde in colour with its own character grain but approximately the same strength as Cedar. It has a magic feel like a firm balsa wood. It is very light and can be painted or
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