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Bamboo Panels

  • How to Tell the Age of Bamboo?

    Do you know that the word bamboo refers to different types of bamboo under different circumstances. the reason is there are many kinds of bamboo in the world. there are more than 1,2000 species of bamboo in the world. 37 genera grows in Asia, 10 genera in Africa, 6 genera in Atlantic, and a few ge

  • Caramel Vertical Wall Mounted Bamboo Floating Shelves

    Wall Mounted Bamboo Floating Shelves for Storage, 100% Solid Bamboo, Caramel color, Vertical grain, with beveled edges on the front. easy to install and maintain. 180 grit sanding on top surface, you can keep it unfinished or apply natural oil, white oil as you wish.Standard size: 800x200x18mm, 1200x200x18mm.

  • Bamboo Lumber

    Laminated Bamboo Lumberlaminated bamboo lumber is made by using bamboo strips laminated together to form a plank or mutiply of planks glued once again to form a block, it is sort of a dimensional lumber, or S4S (Smooth 4 Sides) bamboo. this lumber has gone through a planer, which makes the lumber pe

  • Bamboo Cutting Boards

    OverviewBamboo cutting boards, bamboo salad boards, bamboo serving plate,bamboo kitchen utensils, bamboo kitchen items.Product Descriptionvarious sizes and shapes for kitchen use.Packaging & Shippingplastic sealed, with color printing, then in boxes. and on pallets when necessary, all products are s

  • Bamboo Skateboard Veneer

    Bamboo Veneer For Longboards and Skateboardsdo you know that most longboards for pros are made by using 100% bamboo? they choose to ride bamboo in competitions. but why? the reason is simple, bamboo helps them to win. bamboo veneer is an ideal material for longboards, due to its super flex and hardn

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