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  • Q Bamboo Ski Core size?

    our standard bamboo cores come in 1800x320x12mm and 1800x320x9mm.
  • Q What are your other sizes for bamboo longboard veneer

    other sizes for bamboo longboard veneer,

    length: 1020mm, 1140mm, 1320mm, 
    width: 260mm, 270mm
    thickness: 1.3mm, 3.0mm,4.3mm,5.6mm,7.0mm,7.5mm,8.0mm, 8.8mm,9.6mm
  • Q What sizes do you offer for longboard veneer?


    our standard bamboo longboard veneer comes in the size of 10.5"x46", which is 1167x267mm, in the thickness of 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,6mm,8mm,9mm etc. we also offer other sizes, for more info, pls refer to

    natural vertical bamboo ski cores

    and we also supply 0.6mm bamboo veneer for longboard in caramel vertical, or in a braided pattern.

    braided bamboo veneer for longboards

  • Q Can we get 49"x97" bamboo plywood


    49"x97" is 1" longer and wider than standard 4'x8' bamboo plywood panels,  leaving more margin and making it easier for end customers, thus more welcomed by consumers. 4'x8' equals 2440x1220mm, while 49"x97" equals 2465x1245mm in metric, we can see that 49"x97" is 25mm longer and wider. luckily we are able to produce this longer and wider panels.
  • Q How to load 2440x1220mm panels into the container


    if one client orders a full container load of 4'x8' (2440x1220mm) bamboo panels,  then how to load them into the container is a big challenge, as the container comes in 2350mm width only, but the panels are 1220mm width, we are unable to load 2 palelts side by side , as 1220x2=2440mm, wider than container width. then the solution is to pack the panls standing on a pallet, pls look at the picture below


    for detailed loading plan, pls download  ASIA BAMBOO-LOADING PLAN OF PANELS.pdf

    bamboo panel loading into the container

  • Q What if we select 2ft x 3ft ?

    A one client from Bangladesh is asking if they can get 2ft x 3ft furniture grade bamboo panels carbonized horizontal, in 12mm thickness in 2ply longiltudinal structure as the drawing below.  they plan to use this panel for small kitchen items.

    2 ply horizontal longitudinal bamboo panel 10mm
    the answer is definitely "YES" for reasons below,

    1) 2ft x 3 ft equals 915x610x12mm, which is fine for our press machine,capable of pressing maximum 2500x1250mmx60mm.

    2) we plan to arrange the 12mm thickness in 6+6mm,  and we can get the supply of 6mm thick bamboo strips. for 2 ply longitudinal
        panels, each layer must be exactly the same thickness, or the panel will warp. 

    custom size might cost more, now let's look into it,

    the main reason why custom sizes cost more is our bamboo panels come in FIXED LENGTH of 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 3050mm, 3600mm and 4000mm.  

    for this project, best idea is to use 2000x610x12mm or 2440x610x12mm, but this depends on into what sizes the panel will be cut,  the principle is to make maximum use of the coverage and allow minimum wastage of offcuts.

    610mm width works perfectly for our press machine, as our press machine is set for 1220mm width panels, we can press 2pcs of 610mm width for one single press.

    the other theory is better to use 2000mm length instead of 1000mm length, better to use 2440mm length instead of 1220mm length. longer length always leaves shorter offcuts.

    and we also need to be aware that longer bamboo alwlays cost more compared to shorter bamboo. 2440mm length bamboo costs more compared to 2000mm length bamboo. 

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