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Bamboo Moldings, Bamboo Accessories,Bamboo Profiles

Views: 0     Author: ASIA Bamboo     Publish Time: 2022-11-15      Origin: ASIA Bamboo


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Bamboo Moldings, also called bamboo accessories, bamboo profiles, to be installed together with bamboo flooring. professional installer knows what kind of moldings to be used.

basis bamboo moldings include the following,

bamboo skirting, also called bamboo baseboards, to be glued or nailed onto the wall adjacent to the flooring.

bamboo T-molding, used as expansion joist, in most cases, it is installed just below the interior door

bamboo threshold, can be used in various conditions, as thresold or as edging

bamboo reducer, used as edging

bamboo stair nosing, used as stair tread end or nosing end.

bamboo 1/4 round, similar to baseboards

free standing bamboo stair treads

freee standing bamboo risers

bamboo railsings and more.

Bamboo reducer

bamboo threshold

bamboo baseboard

bamboo stair nosing

bamboo baseboard

bambo baseboard

bamboo t-molding

bamboo T-Molding

bamboo 1/4 round

bamboo 1/4 round

bamboo stair nosing

bamboo stair nosing

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