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How to Tell the Age of Bamboo?

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Do you know that the word bamboo refers to different types of bamboo under different circumstances. the reason is there are many kinds of bamboo in the world.  there are more than 1,2000 species of bamboo in the world.  37 genera grows in Asia, 10 genera in Africa, 6 genera in Atlantic, and a few genera in Europe. and bamboo grows mainly in tropical and subtropical areas.

moso bamboo

China rates No. 1 in terms of bamboo resources and bamboo industries. the Chinese people started to use bamboo since ancient times. today we are gonna talk about how to identify the age of moso bamboo. as moso bamboo is one of the most valuable and widely distributed bamboo species in China. and 4-6 years old bamboo is the best bamboo for bamboo flooring, panels, lumber and veneer production. too young or too old bamboo not good.

look at the picture below, did you see some words written on the bamboo? and what do they mean?

mao bamboo

the number "4" on the first bamboo means this bamboo was born in 2014,  the number "8" on the next 3 bamboo means they were born in  2018.  the two Chinese words below the number 4 and 8 " 金大“  is the name of the farmer who owns this bamboo land.  by marking the bamboo in this way, age and ownership of the bamboo is absolutely clear.

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