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Bamboo Thatch Roof

Views: 0     Author: ASIA Bamboo     Publish Time: 2024-05-04      Origin: ASIA Bamboo


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do you know that all parts of moso bamboo are useful, and nothing is to be wasted. when the bamboo is born, bamboo shoots are delicious and tasty, it is a food for human beings. when the bamboo grow bigger to 4-6 years old, the middle part of the bamboo can be used for bamboo flooring, bamboo plywood, bamboo veneer etc. the bottom part of the bamboo can be used for crafts, the upper part of the bamboo can be used for bamboo curtains, bamboo carpet etc. and even the bamboo roots underneath can be used for bamboo crafts.

it is hard to believe that the dried  bamboo leaves can be used for tea, but this is real. do you know that when bamboo is harvested, people will remove the bamboo branches, and the leaves on the bamboo branches will fall off, leaving the bamboo branches leaveless. don't look down unpon the bamboo branches, they are valuable, and can be used for bamboo brooms, and bamboo thatching. here are some pictures.

bamboo thatch

bamboo branches for the use of thatch roof, it shelter the house from sunshine and rain

bamboo roof

a wooden house with bamboo thatch roofing

bamboo roof

bamboo branches for thatching

bamboo roofing

a vending machine with bamboo thatch roof

bamboo thatching

bamboo roofing for camel

bamboo thatch roof

 wooden house with bamboo thatch roof            

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