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Bamboo Plywood Panels: Premium Furniture Grade Exporter

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Bamboo Plywood Panels: Premium Furniture Grade Exporter

extra long bamboo plywood

Furniture Grade Bamboo Plywood Panels, exported by ASIA Bamboo, offer top-tier quality for your furnishings. Our company, founded in 2003, specializes in delivering worldwide.

Our bamboo panels, lumber, and flooring are renowned for their excellence. The bamboo plywood, also known as bamboo ply or furniture grade bamboo panels, comes in various sizes and thicknesses, including 2440x1220mm and 19mm.

Ideal for cabinets, tabletops, and kitchen countertops, these panels boast a caramel horizontal style, advanced technology, E1 standard, and AA grade. Our commitment to Construction and real Estate solutions makes us a trusted supplier from China.

4'x8' Bamboo Plywood: Durable Panels for Exquisite Furnishings

4'x8' Bamboo Plywood Sheets and Panels, manufactured by ASIA Bamboo, offer an unparalleled solution for high-quality furniture grade bamboo panels. Established in 2003, we are a China-based company delivering worldwide.

Our bamboo plywood, also known as bamboo ply, serves various furnishing needs with standard sizes of 2440x1220mm and thickness options ranging from 3mm to 40mm.

Ideal for interior furnishings like cabinets, tabletops, kitchen countertops, and more, our bamboo plywood is a testament to advanced technology, adhering to E1 standards with a Grade AA quality rating. The natural color and style add a touch of elegance, making it the perfect choice for construction and real estate projects.

espresso bamboo plywoodBamboo Plywood - High-Quality Furniture Panels

Asia Bamboo, a China-based Manufacturer and Exporter, proudly presents its premium bamboo panels, lumber, and flooring. Established in 2003, we specialize in delivering high-quality, furniture-grade bamboo products globally.

Our flagship offerings include bamboo plywood, bamboo veneer, and bamboo sheets, available in standard sizes like 2440x1220mm and various thickness options ranging from 3mm to 40mm.

Our featured product, the CVL model bamboo plywood, boasts a captivating caramel color and a vertical grain style. With advanced technology and adherence to E1 standards, this AA-grade bamboo plywood is ideal for interior furnishings such as cabinets, tabletops, and kitchen countertops.

Each panel, sized at 2440x1220x19mm and weighing 65kgs, reflects our commitment to excellence in construction and real estate.

As a dedicated supplier in the industry, ASIA Bamboo prioritizes quality and reliability. Our products cater to various needs in construction and real estate projects, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Explore the versatility of bamboo with our customizable furniture boards and panels, meeting the demands of diverse applications. Trust ASIA Bamboo for top-notch bamboo solutions that stand the test of time.

Country of Origin: China

China based manufacturer of high quality furniture grade bamboo panels, plywood, lumber, timber, beams, veneer, decking, flooring, moldings, crafts and more. 




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