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How End Grain Bamboo Panel is Made

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end grain bamboo panel looks fantastic,it can be made into tabeltop,  kitchen countertop, or simply as a cutting board. People love it, and some folks may wonder how it is made.the bamboo strips are arranged in a mosaic pattern, available in both caramel and natural colors. in most cases, this panel comes in single ply solid struture.  today we are gonna make a 4200x635x45mm end grain bamboo panel for kitchen top,  big challenge, and now let's get started and see how the job is done.

  1. 1)   raw bamboo strips in the size of 2550x22x5.5mm

    2)   glue 4 strips together to make a vertical grain bamboo beam as shown in the sketch below.raw size of the beam is roughly 2550x22x22mm.

  2. 3)   repeat process 2) to make multiple pcs of beams in 2550x22x22mm.

  3. 4)   cut off both ends, trim the beam into 2440mm length , making sure no voids on both ends.

  4. 5)   trim the raw beam on a planer, so that the beam becomes perfectly sqaure edges, flat and smooth on all 4 sides.

and after above procedures, the beam looks exactly like the sketch below, which we call Beam Vertical,or vertical grain. after we produced multiple pcs of Beam Vertical ( Vertical Grain), now comes the tricky thing.

end grain bamboo


  1. 6)  turn half of the beams from Beam Vertical into Beam Horizontal. as shown in the sketches below. actually Beam Vertical is exactly the same as Beam Horizontal, for a rectangle beam, horizontal grain or vertical grain depends on from which angle the beam is viewed.

vertical bamboo beams

  1. 7)   press a big panel in the size of 2440x1200x20mm by alternating Beam Vertical and Beam Horizontal as shown in the sketch below  ,  which we call "Panel V+H", and then sanding on both sides

  2. how end grain bamboo is made

  3. 8)    press a big panel in the size of 2440x1220x20mm by alternating Beam Horizontal and Beam Vertical as shown in  the sketch below,which we call "Panel H+V",and then sanding on both sides

  4. bamboo mosaic

  5. 9)  our purpose is to make a 45mm thick panel, and we need to leave 1.5mm to 2mm for sanding, so let's cut "Panel V+H" (size: 2440x1200x20mm), into samll pcs of 47x1200x20mm, 2440 divided by 47, with 3mm saw blades in between, equals 48pcs of 47x1220x20mm, and we call the item below "Beam V+H"

  6. end grain bambus

  7. 10)  cut "Panel H+V" (size: 2440x1220x20mm), into 48 pcs of "Beam H+V" in the size of 47x1220x20mm

  8. end grain bamboo

  9. 11)    and now here comes the tricky thing once again, let's turn the 1220mm and 1200mm width into length and put them on a press machine, we can edge joint the beams into technically unlimited length, as our job is to make a 4200x635x45mm panel, therefore we edge joint the beams to 4200mm only.

  10. bambooo mosaic pattern


due to limitations of our machines, we make maximum 4200mm length end grain bamboo panels only.

end grain bamboo board

end grain bamboo plywoodand there is one big disadvantage for end grain bamboo panels in single ply structure.the thing is this panel is not weight bearing, best idea is to put this panel onto a iron or steel frame with enough supports on the backside.


in order to make single ply end grain bamboo stronger, the other solution is to make it in multiply crossed structure, with some core layers crossed, 90 degree perpendicular to the top and bottom layers. offering more strength and stability.




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