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Bamboo Riser Pads, Bamboo Toestops For Longboards

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Various bamboo craft items, made by using laminated bamboo timber and cross ply bamboo plywood panels, laser cut or CNC cut. items of great fun. flat bamboo riser pads, and wedged bamboo riser pads in different angles for longboards.

bamboo toestops

Bamboo Toestops with Laser Engraving

bamboo toestops

Bamboo Toestops for Longboards

bamboo toestops

Bamboo Toestops

bamboo cyclops head

Vetical Bamboo Cyclops Head

bamboo cyclops head

Caramel Bamboo Cyclops Head 

bamboo cyclops head

Bamboo Cyclops Head made by using Caramel Bamboo

bamboo riser pads

Bamboo Riser Pads for Longboards

bamboo toestops and riser pads

Bamboo Toestops and Riser pads

bamboo riser pad and toestops

Bamboo Riser Pad and Toestop for Longboards

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