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Bamboo Artistic Candle Holder in the Shape of a dice

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Bamboo artistic candle holder, in the shape of a dice, size: 150x150x150mm. CNC routered for candle accomodation. suitable for candles in 6 different diameters. caramel bamboo dice shows 3 different grains of bamboo, namely horizontal, vertical, and end grain, all nice looking and amazingly beautiful. the bamboo dice is also available in strand woven bamboo, stained white, and stained balck. it is not a candle holder, but a piece of art.

people will be amazed after seeing such a huge dice, in a cube of 150mm. if someone got puzzled and asking what this cube is for, just tell them that further away down the woods, there lives a tribe of giants, this is the dice that they use when palying Majiang.

and this huge dice can always be used as stool, believe it or not, you can sit on it, but rember to sit on the side with 4,5,6 holes, not the sides with 1,2,or 3 holes. guess you know why.

caramel bamboo dice candle holder

End Grain Caramel Bamboo Candle Holder

caramel babmoo candle holder

Caramel Bamboo Candle Holder

artistic bamboo candle holder

Balck Stained and Caramel Artistic Candle Holder

strand woven bamboo artistic candle holder

Strand Woven Bamboo Artistic Candle Holder

caramel babmoo artistic candle holder

Caramel Bamboo Artistic Candle Holder

white color artistic bamboo candle holder

White Color Bamboo Artistic Candle Holder

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