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Bamboo Poles Dried Yellow For Interior Decoration

Views: 0     Author: ASIA Bamboo     Publish Time: 2023-02-09      Origin: ASIA Bamboo


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Bamboo Poles Dried Yellow for Interior Decoration

do you know how to dry bamboo poles and make them yellow looking? so that they can be more weather resistant and better looking. not all bamboo poles are perfectly straight, then how to make them straight? so that they can be used for exterior wall covering or interior decoration.

the fresh raw bamboo with green skin is quite stiff and contains lots of moisture. and if it is not straight, then we can heat it a little bit, then it is easy to bend and straightened by external force. this job needs skills and patience. if we put a mature green bamboo poles in outdoor conditions, it will become yellow within years. and we can achieve this yellow color quicker by boiling the bamboo poles in water, using a cloth to clean the dusts, and then dry them in open air. the dried yellow color is really nice looking. 

bamboo poles

bamboo poles

bamboo poles dried yellow

dried yellow bamboo

yellow bamboo poles

yellow bamboo poles

yellow bamboo

bamboo poles for interior

bambu poles

bambu poles

bambus poles

bambus poles for interior

and now the bamboo poles are ready, can be used for interior and exterior wall covering or decoration purposes. but there is one disadvantage with bamboo poles. they are weather resistant, but not that much. as it is a natural product. fungi or midew will grow and color will fade under weathering. in hot summer, the bamboo may crack and give a big "BANG". 

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